Get Outside and Celebrate National Trails Day

 This year, on June 4, millions of people across the United States will hit the trail, any trail, to celebrate the 30th annual American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day.® This year’s celebration focuses on encouraging novice and veteran trail lovers to come together to leave trails and the outdoor community better than they found them. Hikers, cyclists, horseback riders, paddlers, trail clubs, federal and local agencies, land trusts and businesses will partner at events across the country to forge a more inclusive trail community and advocate for, maintain and clean up trails and public lands.American Hiking Society and the nationwide trails community invite people of all ages and abilities to connect with their friends and neighbors around the joy of being outside. Anyone can join the national movement by giving back to the trails to help ensure that everyone can enjoy the outdoors."There’s something magical about being outdoors," says Kate Van Waes, Executive Director o

Black eternity

For those who relish the blurring lines between reality and existences lurking beyond, the recently released epic book "KALEIDOSCOPIC SHADES: WITHIN BLACK ETERNITY" by David A. Neuman catapults readers into such unknowns.At 566 pages, the book is a doorstopper of a novel that fans of sci-fi and paranormal thrillers can really sink their teeth into. It’s a homage to "The Twilight Zone" overlaid with "Alice in Wonderland," with its own soundtrack, including Satchmo trumpeting, classic rock, a twisted version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and always the eerie, persistent sound of tinkling bells.The book has been described by Editor Jason Pettus as "part Stephen King, part David Mitchell, part David Lynch … with [an] emphasis on wry humor and clever wordplay."It seems fitting that the author himself calls the novel an "adventure of escapism," explaining, "The world has become a pressure cooker. If I can be a release-valve,